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    5 ft. 10 in.
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    Few Extra Pounds
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    Yes, over 18


At the risk of sounding defeated I'm going to put this out there anyway. Recently after treating a lady with all the intent, respect, honesty and compassion of starting a meaningful relationship I was duped in a 'gold scam' and to say I was disapppointed in someone I thought I trust I must move on. With that said, is there anyone here who is truthful and has the same goals of a real relationship with a man who is not a cheater, liar or full of BS about himself that might be interested in getting to know me? If by chance you're in Ghana don't bother to contact me.
These are the strangest of times with chaos and uncertainty everywhere. Now is a great time to get our life straight and be with someone who can give you respect, love and protection 24/7 with a plan to get through this. I believe I can do that if given the chance and friendship to prove it. I never stray and have a great sense of humor to make you smile and when we look into each other's eyes words don't need to be said. We will both know that we have something special and lasting that others are looking for. BTW, I'm not handsome but still a great friend and more. If you're looking for a man you can depend and rely on, look no further. I am him 100%. I am not rich or handsome by any means but I am always 100% focused on making 'her' life wonderful in all ways I can. Stay safe and be happy.

What I am looking for

I'm looking for a traditional woman who loves culture and exploring the world with her best friend. (me) I love the intimacy of touch and affection as well as someone with a good sense of humor. Hard to find these days but if age and appearance is not an issue with you let's start something that neither one of us will ever regret. Let's get to know each other and see if we have a connection. I have been here before with terrible results and hoping to give it another try to find my partner and best friend. Please don't ask for money, iPhone card or financial support. That could come later after we've met. Please no texting. HangOut is preferred for now and later when we're comfortable we can share a video chat to see and hear each other to show we are who we say we are. TIP: Please don't insult my intelligence by giving me fake info about your profile. Be sure that your profile matches you and not someone elses. So many times someone sends me a photo and it's not the same as the profile and she tell's me a 'friend' set up her page. Be real. Be honest. Let's make sure we both are serious about this cause I am.