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    5 ft. 6 in.
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    Few Extra Pounds
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    High School
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"Seeking entity capable of making me ecstatic about who and what I am."

It is a constant that any female who attempts to direct you to any Video/Chat Application such as Google Hangouts, Snapchat, or WhatsApp is a Scammer, so if you write me and make such a request I will report you for being a Scammer.

My date of birth is actually the 22nd of March 1961, but got tired of the the shonky Software of this Domain matching with women who exceed the maximum age of those I desire which is 18.

What I am looking for

"Seeking entity capable of making me ecstatic about who and what I am."

No gum chewers. Not sure exactly what type of entity would be able to accomplish the task at hand, possibly a descendant of the Atlanteans. What a selection to choose from, sadder than a Greek tragedy. Worthless as worthless can be, they will never have me.

"Endless/eternal dynamism. Partner must want children. Extraordinarily demanding, only willing to make concessions for those who are wholeheartedly agreeable to going through a surgical procedure and hypnotic procedure that will leave them completely under my control on an emotional,
physical, and spiritual level. Someone who is extraordinarily intelligent, multilingual in both current and ancient languages, well versed in with PhDs in United States, French, Australian, and Greek cultures and Constitutional and Civil laws, and the physical sciences, yet totally humble, is smart enough to debate even the most well versed and well spoken clerics as to how untrue and irrational it is believing any and all religious texts, chapters and verses in any religious text, until cleric goes stock raving mad.

The only constant I will forego pertains to be a descendant of the Atlanteans, no remains means no comparative Mitochondrial DNA.